The Office

In 1975, Ramon Llorente combines his studies of Law at the University of Barcelona with the work in a law firm, especialised in labour matters in Martorell (Baix Llobregat) in collaboration with other peopele involved in the labour movement.

In 1977, after finishing his studies of Law, he joins the labour office managed by Ignasi de Gispert in Paseo de San Juan (Barcelona). From 1978 on he works as a lawyer at several trade union’s offices simultaneously in Barcelona and Girona.

In June 1978 he opens an office in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Girona), initially at Eres 57 Street, then at the Ronda Arquitecte Guitart, and in 1997 he finally settles down at Rambla Arquitecte Bordàs Joan, 32, which is still active up to the date.

In 1980 he moves to Girona and shares an office first in Balmes Street, then in Carrer Nou. Finally, in 1995 he starts a new office of his own in Plaça Diputació, and names it “Bufet Ramon Llorente”.

The main objective of “Bufet Ramon Llorente” is and has always been defending people’s rights, especially the rights of workers, always seeking to advise people sensibly and correctly so as to avoid, whenever possible, any conflicts or unnecessary litigation. Our social commitment is our mean target as well as the advice we have given to many company committees.

Over the years, many individuals and professionals have collaborated with the office.

Since 1996, Buffet Ramon Llorente has maintained a collaborative agreement with the Col·lectiu Ronda in Barcelona.