Ramon Llorente Varela

He arrives in Girona at the early age of 6, and assists to the Montjuïc Primary School. Both his teachers and the school’s priest convinced his parents to enter Girona’s Seminary. He studied the following careers: humanities, philosophy and theology, acquiring a solid human and religious formation. At the same time he studies civil baccalaureate on his own. He courses the law career in “Universitat Central de Barcelona” thanks to a State’s Scholarship while working in various professional offices. He specializes in labour and family law, participating in diverse congress, seminaries and courses. He becomes member of various labour focused juridical associations.

From 1983 until 1997 he was member of the Girona’s lawyer’s college “Junta de Govern”, founder and president of the labour law commission. In this period, he participated actively to achieve de second and third social courts of Girona.

He has participated in social, syndical and politic movements.

He has also participated in multiple media and radio programs as well as in newspapers. He has written on the newspaper “Diari de Girona” once every fifteen days for more than ten years.

He has played soccer for many years, starting on the seminar team, later, with Celrà, CD Pontense, Montjuïc and Renfe.

He has worked with plaster, as a dealer in a pharmacy, in a textile industry, in a chemical industry, as a farmer, in the catering, with immigration in France, in construction companies, giving academic classes and monitor.